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Standard Lifewear Family Tree is Growing, Landing its roots in Hawaii

     'Anonymous Arborist' takes his Standard Lifewear Gear to new heights! Not only are we thankful for his beard, we are also ecstatic that he wears our Standard Collective Tee. Durable enough for a hard days work, AA wears our shirts on the job, capturing the essence of how durable our Tees are. These shots were taken 60' up, with his Gopro! We couldn't be more excited to be represented in Hawaii, and we look forward to receiving pictures from your State! 

Hashtag #standardlifewear and your State (i.e. #StandardlifewearFlorida) and we'll feature you!

Also, if you Hashtag #standardlifewear on Instagram, you will be chosen to be on our Website!

Keep the great pictures coming!

"Every Man Dies. Not Every Man Lives" -William Wallace 




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