Standard Lifewear Does Hollywood, 'Merican Man'

Standard Lifewear's 'Wild Ones' Tee gets a Hollywood Makeover, 'Merica Man' Style.

Sure, Photoshop has been getting some bad publicity lately for airbrushing models, making them too skinny (or in Bieber's case, making him more bulky). On the contrary, the Photoshop series below, has served its country a great purpose.
With a deep respect for our great country, we've been able to take an ordinary man, Outfit him with the latest Standard Lifewear Tee, and make him the most 'Merican Man north of Tijuana. U. S. of 'MericA


'Merican man ponders about the American dream as he poses in front of the greatest flag on earth!


Did we mention his particular liking to a once endangered species.

***Disclaimer: No Animals were injured in this production.


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